Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Stoop - 10 Years - August 25, 1981

So here we are at the first 10-year reunion, August 25, 1981. Pete had moved to Florida in 1973, followed by Witz and Bruno in '74. Steve and Mike came back to NYC about 3 years later, but I hadn't seen Pete since we'd all gone down to FL for spring break in '74. So it was a real treat to see him and for him to make it back for the first reunion.

The first three shots were taken before we went up to the P.S. 94 schoolyard to shoot hoops. How do I know that? Because in those shots I'm wearing my overalls, and in the last shot you can see my super-cool knee-high ball-playing socks!

In the first shot Errol, Witz and I are joined by Crazy Pete, who's holding up the game ball of The Bronx - The Spaldeen. That's Ken on the top step between me and his brother Errol. Clearly we were trying to mug for the camera.

But in the second picture we're REALLY putting on our best ugly mugs.

The third picture is with Alice Falco, one of the sweetest ladies in the entire world; she's with her dog Ginger The Wonder Pup. Great doggie.

The final shot is of The Boys, with Bruno sitting next to Witz. All of these are pretty rare (to us, anyway) because I don't think we ever took pictures of ourselves just hanging out on The Stoop.

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