Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Stoop - 20 Years - August 25, 1991

And then it was twenty years. By August of 1991 I'd been long gone from New York, and had settled in Atlanta, but there was no way I was missing the reunion.

There's Ken on the top right corner of the other pix. We'd all lost touch with Pete and Bruno, so we had no way of getting them back for the 20th anniversary reunion. But Jack Brooks (in the blue polo shirt) was back on the block and living at 3530, and Gene Nocerino (in jeans and white t-shirt) was still living across the street in 3525 Decatur. 

In the first shot, Errol, Witz and I are still laughing about SOMETHING, but what it was...who knows?

You can see the stickball bat in the left corner of the other shots...we must've been hitting a few up the block that day.

The thing I remember most about this reunion was that because we'd not seen Jack and Gene in such a long time, we spent a lot of time joking and laughing about the old days on the block. And in terms of ragging the hell out of each other, it was like none of us had ever left. Looking at these pictures always makes me smile, because it reminds me how much fun we had on Decatur, and how much of it was shared by all of us.

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